Case Study – Billing Statements Garners Better Business

Consider the story of Banner Health, a non-profit healthcare system with twenty locations in seven different states. For years, Banner had been providing services and excellent patient care that made a positive difference in people’s lives.

Consider this case study of Banner Health, a non-profit healthcare system with numerous locations in seven different states. For years, Banner had been providing services and excellent patient care that made a positive impact in people’s lives. As patients grew more familiar with technology in their everyday lives, clients began requesting easier ways to pay their bills and keep track of their billing statements. While Banner’s staff service was already excellent, customers wanted to the ability to view bills online, make payments online 24 hours a day, and easily reconcile issues or other concerns with their statements.

To fulfill these needs and improve the customer experience, Banner Health implemented an online bill presentment and payment solution that let customers to receive, view and pay their bills online. The entire invoicing process was streamlined while still retaining the offline options for customers who preferred printed documents. The result: Banner Health immediately began receiving increased cash payments in less time and recovering bad debt while reducing postage and labor costs. In the first year, Banner saved $40,000.

Online billing statements, secure online payment solutions and electronic referencing for pertinent client information can greatly improve your business, too. If you are an established business looking to offer your invoicing online or a startup looking to start out on the right foot, billing outsourcing may be the key to unlocking your business’ earning potential. As your business grows and your clients begin expecting easier options for managing their bills, an outsourced billing system can vastly improve the effectiveness of your company which translates into less time wasted on clerical and administrative tasks and more time that can be devoted to improving your business and delivering the quality service that your clients expect.

Providing safe, convenient and timely customer service is essential to harboring repeat business and positive customer interaction. Too many opportunities are lost to inefficient filing and invoicing systems that leave customers waiting on the line and administrative professionals tied up with unnecessary work. Having the ability to quickly rectify any customer issues and immediately respond to client requests will distinguish your company from the competition and encourage enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations as well. To take advantage of this, partner with a billing outsourcing firm that can work to implement a system that streamlines both your client’s experience as well as your staff’s daily responsibilities.

Become Free and Acquire the House You Wish – It Is Your Life!

It will require quite a long time to be able to get a number of females irritated. Actually, it will take years of snide responses, smirks not to mention giggles, sidelong ugly looks and other folks behaving as if they have got the legal right to be the judge over other people. Nonetheless, the time arrives ultimately, at least to the blessed types, when they actually choose to never, ever again worry about just what these kind of silly other individuals feel. Possibly they have been envious, almost all along, acting as if she could hardly do anything pertaining to herself. It did feel that way, for quite a while, after the woman’s hubby passed away, nevertheless by this specific time she’s observed that there’s not very much that she cannot do.

In the end, she has dealt with the police after the gang of kids broke in and also relieved her of her actual television set. The woman also managed to substitute the burners in her stove all by herself, without the need of more support other than some sort of video clip that comes with the world wide web. There is no rationale on earth that she won’t be able to go and find property for sale online and purchase it if she locates the right spot. If this lady would like to get a few hen chickens plus a goat, well, so be it! It is not just as if she will often be asking anybody else to pick up the actual eggs or to milk the goat.

Bless the net, as it essentially offers directions for every task that could challenge a person in the normal path of everyday living. The woman knows that to discover a home that she requires the aid of a fantastic property broker. The lady has to understand estate agent fees – thank goodness, that information is simple to learn. All the woman had to do with regard to that one ended up being to type a couple of keywords then transfer her actual mouse to exactly where it explained Click This Link Now for the information to all but like magic surface. It certainly can’t ever take much work to discover a real estate agent who is acquainted with local properties and also acreage. After the lady really does, she’s going to be on her own way to making the most of all the benefits regarding the actual life she’s always desired to possess. For the very first time within her existence this lady actually feels absolutely free, and the actual feeling is certainly invigorating.

Contacts Really Matter With Regards To House Marketing

Partnerships are essential in every single business but this is especially true in residence sales. To become successful, estate agents have to use their relationships to be able to find viable purchasers for each and every home in their portfolio. Sellers are generally alert if their agent lists their property on nationwide websites or promotes it to community purchasers with lawn signs or advertisements inside the local newspaper. Yet, property owners may not know their agent also gets in touch with their connections in some other areas to let them know they have a new property to market. These kinds of contacts may keep in touch with estate agents to make sure they know the kinds of houses they are searching for often. Frequently, these folks will be well-off traders that are seeking holiday properties away from metropolis. Normally it takes precious time for any agent to build up these kinds of connections so if a property owner wants to sell off swiftly, it is usually far better to go with an experienced agent. After years within the industry, these experts have been introduced to lots of people. The truth is, it is normally those partnerships which help their achievement and cause them persevering with their career in house marketing. Without them, it would be tough to carry on in the career. Take the opportunity to Look at this specific official statement at the website link from an estate agency which has been good at selling residences for several years. You are going to see that their achievement can be specifically credited to people they know. Homeowners should read this well before they select an agent to showcase their property to be sure the estate agent they in the end choose can satisfy their desires. Sellers who would rather wait for a higher offer more than sell their property fast could need an estate agent with distinct associations in comparison with one who is dependent upon their agent to look for a home buyer in the brief length of time. Many property owners set appointments with a few agents prior to making a choice. Some in fact eventually pick more than one providers to promote their house. Getting a number of providers improves the possibilities of one of them employing their connections to produce a swift sale. Homeowners can go to this site so they can locate an agent today.

Verified by Love Launches Latest Multi-Level Lead Verification System Update


(Hamburg, New York)– According to reports released earlier this year via analysts from the marketing sector, up to 75 percent of online leads are faulty in some manner. In spite of this figure, less than 60 percent of businesses engage in efforts to validate prospects prior to taking further action. This comes as no surprise to the staff of API development firm Verified by Love, a company founded to help combat this growing issue. In light of this situation, spokesperson Kirk Love has launched the latest version of the company’s lead verification system.

“The online world is opening new doors for businesses and consumers alike at an unprecedented pace,” elaborated Love, “but it’s also creating a growing margin of error. Whether people enter faulty information intentionally or accidentally, these dead-end leads cost companies a great deal of time and money. At Verified by Love, we use a multi-level verification system that screens the validity of users’ names, and this latest version of our system is able to verify names in 24 languages as well as detect a number of other issues.”

Industry authorities rank profanity as the most prominent form of invalid contact information, prompting the Verified by Love team to incorporate the capacity to detect vulgar language into their lead verification strategy. Celebrity and fictional character names are likewise often-encountered issues in this regard. Common irrelevant words as well as numbers entered as names additionally hinder online sales efforts.

The company’s name verification system further aids in determining contact information validity by cross-referencing prefixes, suffixes and middles names with national databases. Their process includes distinguishing characters, gibberish and common keystrokes. Repeated letter sequences are also compared against those commonly found in names versus sets typically entered by unqualified leads while gender specification fosters validation procedures.

Concluded Love, “Our service has been designed to detect bad words and phrases commonly entered by consumers around the world. With our system, clients can quickly and easily weed out misleading names, emails and phone numbers, leaving them more time to concentrate on the authentic ones. We give businesses the ability to take their verification processes to the next level, ensuring they never waste time sending erroneous leads further down their sales funnels.”

About Verified by Love:

Using a real-time multi-layered lead verification system, Verified by Love aids clients in authenticating existing or incoming lead data. The company’s process includes  phone numbers, email addresses and gibberish text detection via easy-to-use API, HTML5 Forms or CSV file upload systems.


How You Can Grow Your Property Purchase Quickly

There is one thing that everyone understands, the more income you can save when you are investing in a dwelling, the more you’ll have to devote inside decorating, purchasing brand new household furniture, and can devote to making your new location seem to be home. What this means is, certainly, which everybody is usually searching for a good deal. If you’re willing to be imaginative, there are actually genuinely a variety of innovative methods to discover such deals! One of many ways is to buy dwellings at an auction. Frequently, these houses will have already been foreclosure homes or possibly residences which had been let to unfortunately get caught in circumstances of disrepair. Idea possible to get a property such as an ex council dwellings for sale, as well. Most of the time, you’ll acquire the most effective gain whenever he or she provides an excellent variety of building resources and skills, and also the motivation to speculate some sweat equity into the repair plus restoration of those frequently forgotten dwellings. Then, too, there are actually conditions where the genuine property is fundamentally sound, however a great enterprising contractor can add value through investing a combination of hard work along with enhanced components. Visualize, as an example, the impact which stone kitchen countertops, customized wooden flooring plus completely new carpeting may have! In case this article alerts that handyman in your soul, search the web for a list of estate agents to get one that is particularly focused in this type of home!

Why No One Talks About Services Anymore

Hiring A Third Party Verifier

The number of electronic transactions executed is unprecedented. For instance, there are numerous deals that have been made through the use of a phone. It is not unusual for people to do their business over the internet.

There are many benefits that can be realized when people use the internet to transact. An electronic transaction also has some serious challenges. After the execution of the transaction, there are some parties that will initiate billing disputes. It is usual for an error to happen when people are doing business through electronic means.

There are some people who have been exposed to fraud when using electronic media to conduct business. One of the most effective ways to reduce the chances of fraud happening over an electronic medium is using third party verification. The voice log of the customer will be retained on a permanent basis when third party verification is used. The voice log can entail the agreement of the customer to buy the good of the company. The acceptance of the client to purchase the goods of the company will be recorded in a voice log.

A voice log can also be used to demonstrate that the client agreed the terms of the agreement. When a voice log has been established, the client will not have a basis for denying that he consented to the transaction. A neutral party will be responsible for recording the voice of the buyer. The best way to prove intent in an electronic transaction is through the use of third party verification. It can be correctly concluded that third party phone verification has accomplished so much in reducing fraud.

Upon the verification of the information, the business deal will be executed. The person selling the product will then go on to deduct his due amounts from the credit card of the purchaser. It is illegal to charge more than the amount that was consented upon by the parties. Third party verification has become a necessity for most businesses today. Indeed, there is a legal requirement for companies selling their products electronically to use third party verification. If a company avoids using the service, they are likely to be slammed with massive penalties.

By avoiding to use a third party verifier, a criminal case might be filed in court. Indeed, it is impossible to complete an electronic transaction today while avoiding using the service. There are many companies that have been established for providing third party verification for their clients.

There are some issues to consider before choosing a third party verifier. One has to carefully consider the charges of the third party verifier It is also important to consider the experience of the voice verification company. To increase the chances of hiring a competent verifier, one should ask for the experiences of other people.


A Brief History of Businesses

The Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Tracking

The number of clients expecting speedier services, shipment tracking, quicker delivery and an entire scope of tailored delivery needs has been on the rise, it has been difficult for fleet of various sizes to stay on top of things. However a simple solution is becoming readily available with frequently evolving fleet management tools such as GPS tracking systems. The advantages of GPS tracking are invaluable to commercial fleet owners. This system has widely been proven to help businesses in fully enhancing the performance of their fleet.

Implementing a fleet tracking system allows business owners to control their whole fleet effectively. Here are some of the numerous benefits of GPS tracking. Enhancing safety, GPS tracking brings improvement in safety and security levels by providing a direct assistance and support, monitoring of vehicles and the implementation of two way communications between dispatchers and the drivers. Not only will fleet managers know where their vehicles are but drivers will be more careful because they are aware of the GPS monitoring.

Increment in productivity. Because fleet managers can track the hours that every driver has worked, they can make better use of their employee’s time. A business can also improve the dispatch process by ensuring that the right driver is dispatched to each job. The dispatcher can easily distinguish the most appropriate routes for various drivers. During certain climate conditions, this can be a significant need for your drivers, your dispatch group can reroute a driver or a fleet immediately.

Minimize fuel cost. Fleet tracking help businesses in making their vehicles more efficient by reducing idling, speeding or unauthorized vehicle usage. Through optimized routes, a business can considerably enhance schedules and reduce the expense of gas. You can’t control the price of fuel but with GPS tracking systems, you can monitor a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Implementing a GPS tracking system will allow you to save the amount of money that would be used on fuel by taking out vehicle speeding, idling and unapproved use.

Fast vehicle recovery in case of theft. Vehicle tracking makes it easy to find your vehicle if stolen. The moment your vehicle goes missing, report to the organization at the earliest opportunity for actions to be taken. The GPS tracking systems locates where the vehicle is and informs the owner of the region where it has been tracked.

It is usually advisable to report a missing vehicle immediately; this will make it simple to track the vehicle before it is shipped abroad or slashed into parts. Many business owners have adopted these services because of their numerous advantages. Many commercial vehicles operators have grasped this astounding innovation since it offers them some assistance with operating securely and effectively.


Find Out About The Added Benefits Associated With Fha Loans

Individuals who may perhaps not be eligible for a a standard home loan are often in the position to invest in a house with the Federal Housing Administration’s home loan insurance package. Having an fha loan, applicants who have below typical credit scores or even an inadequate credit score have the ability to turn into homeowners. This program has assisted numerous people who probably would not have otherwise been able to acquire their own property get a house in which they may bring up their young children. In accordance with the fha guidelines, consumers have to meet some minimal prerequisites. Rates vary amongst a variety of loan providers so it’s important to get rates through distinct lenders prior to choosing just one. These kind of lending options happen to be far more flexible compared to standard mortgages. For instance, buyers might use money they receive being a birthday gift in their downpayment. To acquire a minimal downpayment in addition to minimal credit rating, property purchasers need to pay for property loan coverage with every repayment. The first premium can be within the total loan amount. Home buyers which choose such a mortgage can even be eligible for further loans to fund repairs and maintenance and also advancements to the home. It is a really beneficial benefit because the maximum amount of money for this mortgage is based on value of the property right after the fixes are accomplished.

A Good Way To Start Preparing Your Property For Sale

Any time people are investigating houses to obtain, they want to visualize their own home furniture and possessions within the home. This is often difficult to accomplish in the event the person selling the house has plenty of furniture or belongings in their home.

If you’re striving to sell your house, you are going to need to get rid of just as much as you are able to. The home might look sparse and therefore uninviting to you, however it is most likely to look like an empty pallet to the person looking to purchase. Go on and package all you don’t utilize frequently or maybe don’t expect to utilize before you move. This may include pictures and collectible items. Take this, together with any kind of furnishings you will not have to have, to a storage unit. Ensure you pack it all very carefully so that you can discover precisely what you’ll need in case you do have to get something from the storage space. Your property will have much less in it to be sure the buyer can visualize their very own products within it. As an additional benefit, a large amount of your property is going to already be prepared to transfer whenever you move into your new home.

In the event that you’d like to try this out, ensure you visit their website for more tips on organizing your home to sell. By doing as much as practical before the house is listed, you can sell your house faster.

New Stennett Consulting Offer Highlights e-Learning Opportunities for Clients


SYDNEY — Stennett Consulting, a leading management consultancy and e-learning developer, announced a special new offer. For a limited time, Stennett Consulting clients will enjoy an 85% discount off the company’s regular pricing for an initial e-learning-informed training needs analysis. At only $250, the discounted training needs analysis represents an opportunity of unprecedented cost-effectiveness for Australian companies seeking ways to leverage e-learning to achieve their own business goals. With a wide range of management consulting services that includes a best-in-class cloud-based e-learning design and development program, Stennett Consulting has a long record of success serving clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and elsewhere in Australia.

“A well-trained workforce is a must in today’s competitive business environment, and e-learning can be the most effective way of all of keeping employees at the head of the pack,” said Stennett Consulting Managing Director Adam Stennett, “Whether for ensuring that workers abide by the relevant regulations or helping them develop productivity-enhancing new skills, e-learning can be an incredibly powerful tool for any organization. With our new introductory discount on training needs analysis, it has never been easier or more affordable to identify ways in which e-learning could benefit a given company.”

The global e-learning market totaled nearly 130 billion Australian dollars last year, a sign of the proven effectiveness of that approach to learning. E-learning involves making appropriate, education-enhancing use of anything the world of digital technology has to offer, from interactive study systems that give instantaneous feedback to multimedia materials that do a far better job than traditional ones of engaging students and imparting knowledge.

As a result, e-learning is increasingly central to companies all around the world. In the United States, for example, nearly eight in ten large businesses now offer e-learning training options to their employees, according to a recent Roland Berger report. Stennett Consulting is one of Australia’s leaders at designing and creating e-learning programs that convey mission-aligned competitive advantages to client companies.

The new Stennett Consulting introductory offer therefore affords an especially attractive opportunity to work with one of Australia’s preeminent elearning+consultants. As is detailed at the Stennett Consulting website, for a limited time, an affordable $250 fee will secure an extensive training needs analysis that will highlight ways in which e-learning could benefit a particular organization. With a full suite of cloud-based e-learning development services also being available, the new Stennett Consulting offer is the best way of all to get started with with this rewarding form of training or to discover new opportunities of this kind.

About Stennett Consulting:
As one of Australia’s premier management consultancies, Stennett Consulting offers a full suite of custom-tailored services to clients across the country and in a wide range of industries.